Woody Harrelson Had Vegan Brunch at Counter Culture, and More A.M. Intel


Vegan actor Woody Harrelson brunched at vegan comfort food restaurant Counter Culture on Sunday. According to the restaurant, he and his table ate the biscuit bowl (which comes with vegetables, biscuits, tofu scramble, and gravy), grits, beans, mushrooms, and greens.

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— Nadia Chaudhury

All the healthiest restaurants in Austin right now


There’s a reason Counter Culture on East Cesar Chavez St. has been named the best place for vegan comfort food in Austin — that's because it is. Their daily ‘cheeze’ specials rival any gourmet cheese board, and their daily pizza specials are so creative you might need to try them all. And the real bonus here is that since it’s all plant-based, you leave feeling like a million bucks (even if you ate a burger and cheezecake).

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— Nickie Harris

18 Exceptional Veggie Burgers in Austin


The burger at the vegan restaurant is mixed with beets, mushrooms, and walnuts, and comes with special cashew cheeze (not to be confused with cheese). Bonus: it's gluten-free, too. Look out for other burger specials made with falafels and more.

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— Nadia Chaudhury

Counter Culture: Vegan Comfort Food


Austin has always been known for its delicious and diverse food. Although there is no shortage of tasty food, finding restaurants that are also vegan is a little more tricky, even in a city as progressive and food-centered as Austin.

Counter Culture restaurant
— Miranda Barrera

Counter Culture

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What began as a food truck in 2009 has blossomed into an adorable East Austin restaurant with a dedicated following. Counter Culture offers vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, oil-free, and raw alternatives to many beloved comfort foods. Local, organic produce is used whenever possible, and healthy food, not just animal-free food, is a priority.

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— Austin Chronicle

Best Vegan / Vegetarian Cafe

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In an ever-upscaling and -homogenizing Eastside, Counter Culture maintains a certain Austin charm. Did you know that CC founder/owner/chef Sue Davis is also a noted local vinyl DJ? DJ Sue Purr's curatorial expertise in sound – selecting, sorting, juxtaposing, blending, and contextualizing – is similar to what she brings to her restaurant menu's flavor palette. Apparently, that palette hits our readers' palate like music to the mouth. In song, she specializes in Sixties garage, Seventies power-pop, and Eighties punk. In food she makes magic with elements like jackfruit, cashew cream, cashew cheeze, chickpea chorizo, beatballs, and (in the words of one band whose music we bet she's spun before): Seitan! Seitan! Seitan!

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— Austin Chronicle

Meet Sue of Counter Culture, one of the best Vegan comfort food restaurants in central east austin!

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As Sue puts it, it's just a small Vegan restaurant, everything is made from scratch. We try to support a lot of local farms and other businesses, We try to make Comfort Food that, maybe, people are craving. The customers, basically, really love the food. A lot of the staff have been with her for a long time. They are very passionate about the food. We try to support other local small businesses, so we can all flourish, and have a community that we want to see, that represents us.

— Austin Chronicle